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We Take Care of Uninvited Guests

We Take Care of Uninvited Guests


Spider Control in St. Johns & St. Augustine, FL

Spiders have no antennae and have eight legs. There are many types of spiders with a range of habitats. Most spider bites do not pose a threat to humans (unless specifically allergic). Exceptions to this are the Brown Recluse (Fiddleback) and the Black Widow.

Common St. Johns County Spiders:

House Spider, Wolf Spider, Crab Spider, Jumping Spider, Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Garden Spiders

Facts To Know:

Reproduction: Females spiders can lay up to 3,000 eggs in one or more silk egg sacs. These egg sacs maintain a fairly constant humidity level. In some species the females die afterwards, but females of other species protect the sacs by attaching them to their webs or hiding them in nests. Some spiders like the wolfe spider actually care for their young.

Lifespan: Spiders will typically live from a few months to a year. Some like the tarantula can live longer.

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