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We Take Care of Uninvited Guests

We Take Care of Uninvited Guests


Rodent Control in St. Johns & St. Augustine, FL

Rodents can carry and transmit germs including viruses, bacteria and certain diseases. They can cause damage to electrical lines, storage boxes and a variety of other materials. Rodents are rapid breeders and even though some have short life spans, their numbers can continue to grow at a rapid pace. Mice and Rats typically have soft cartilage which allows them to squeeze through tiny spaces.

Common St. Johns County Rodents:

Deer Mouse, House Mouse, Roof Rat, Norway Rat

Facts To Know:

Rat: Rats can carry serious diseases and introduce parasites and fleas into your home. Rats will often colonize in the attic, under the house, under porches and in the walls.

Mouse: Mice will often move into your home looking for food and water, and they can contaminate food that they don’t even eat. A small family of mice left uncontrolled can grow to over 300 mice in just a few months.

Lifespan: some mice have lifespans of only a few months, but rapid breeding means a pair of mice can produce 400 offspring within their lifetime.

Hard to Kill: Rats specifically are often wise to bait and/or cage traps that will fool a mouse.

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