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We Take Care of Uninvited Guests

We Take Care of Uninvited Guests


Flea Control in St. Johns & St. Augustine, FL

A flea is a parasite that attaches to a host. Flea eggs do not hatch on the host, but fall from pray and hatch withing 14 days in the carpet, upholstery, etc. Fleas cannot fly, but they can jump significant distances.

Common Types of Fleas:

Cat Flea, Dog Flea, Human Flea

Facts To Know:

Reproduction: Fleas can lay up to 40-50 eggs a day. Eggs thrive in warm, humid environments. Cold can kill the eggs and extremely dry air (below 50 percent humidity) can kill the larvae.

Lifespan: Fleas will typically live a few months if on a host. Without food they will die in just a few days.

Hard To Kill: Fleas can require several treatment methods depending on the infestation. Even a flea bomb alone may not be enough to wipe them out. Killing off the mature fleas can still leave eggs ready to hatch in the home.

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