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We Take Care of Uninvited Guests

We Take Care of Uninvited Guests


Roach Control in St. Johns & St. Augustine, FL

Cockroaches are one of the last pests you want in your home as they can carry diseases, multiply rapidly and in extreme cases bite infants while they are sleeping.

Common St. Johns County Roaches:

American Cockroach, German Cockroach. Florida Woods Cockroach

Facts To Know:

Invasion Points: Cockroaches will enter from the outside through cracks, vents, sewer pipes and drain pipes. They also can be brought in via boxes or produce.

Perfect Home: A home or restaurant is ideal for roaches providing food, water, warmth and nesting areas which equals fast multiplication.

Lifespan: The American Cockroach lives on average for about a year.

Hard to Kill: Since cockroaches are nocturnal, it is difficult to find them. Additionally, cockroach eggs are naturally protected from insecticides. Cockroach control can be a losing battle if you are not training in dealing with them.

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